Operation Craftypants!

I’ve decided to get crafty again!  I’ve decided that my life as a corporate drone lacks color! inspiration! vibrancy! bon vivant-cy!…mostly, I’ve simultaneously realized that my job requires zero creativity (and doesn’t really encourage it, either) and that I’ve gotten away from crafty projects, making things myself, and generally expressing my creative side.  I miss popsicle sticks and thimbles and crocheting and random rainy crafty afternoons!  I’ve tried making time to do more creative stuff in my spare time, but it only lasts for a couple weeks before I slip back into my usual routine, so I’m starting blog to challenge myself to do at least one “creative” project every week.  I don’t care if it’s a craft or seeing an event or coming up with a really stellar creative meal…something creative shall happen every week!!  And then, of course, since this is a blog I shall post about it!  Genius, I know!  This blog is mostly just a way for me to keep track of what I’ve tackled and accomplished and failed miserably at…I think it’ll be fun to look back at as I go!

I decided recently to pick up sewing again, so I took a sewing essentials refresher class last week that went swimmingly (and I am now the proud producer of a smashingly cute pillow case).

This has, of course, inspired me to tackle a few new sewing projects, so last night I made a foray to the JoAnn’s on the northside (which, let me tell you, is a pain in rush hour traffic!) and nabbed some cute fabric for a skirt.  When I was at the sewing shop for my class last week, I found a free pattern for a simple elastic waist skirt.  As I was cutting the skirt out, though, I discovered that assuming that 2 yards of fabric would be enough was a bit stupid…after digging out the tape measure and actually measuring, I realized that I really needed more like 2.5 yards…oops!

I think I’ve saved the day by shortening the skirt so I could cut the longer piece out of just half the width of the fabric, and then use some of the leftover lining scraps to make a panel around the bottom to bring the skirt back to knee-length proportions.  Of course, I have yet to actually sew it (it’s all pinned and ready!) so more to come on that.  Lesson learned: measure first, then buy fabric!


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