You are getting sleeeeeeeepy!

So the skirt I mentioned last post is complete! I used quilt-weight cotton (or so they told me it was at JoAnn’s Fabrics). This is the fabric for the outer bit:


And this fabric for the lining:


Seriously, my eyes swim if I stare at that print too long, but it’s super fun and I can’t wait to hypnotize other people wear it around! It doesn’t look too crazy from a distance, but watch out up close!


I used a free pattern from Anna Maria Horner’s blog (find it here) for the skirt, which is basically two long rectangles sewn together, then sewn to lining, then hemmed. Then you sew 4 channels for skinny elastic (hello waistband!) and thread elastic thru the channels with safety pins. Worst 2 hours of my life. I kid you not, it took FOREVER to thread all that elastic thru! And my thumbs are sore today thanks to it!

I can’t decide if I love this skirt to bits or just mildly like it–right now I oscillate between the two extremes. (Maybe when the traumatic elastic threading memories die away I’ll settle on a sentiment?) It was very easy to make (assuming you can sew straight lines over and over and over again). Even the lining attachment process was less onerous than I was afraid it would be (though ironing the seams flat was key, I think!). I do think there’s waaaaay too much fabric here though–it’s a VERY full skirt, and if I don’t smooth down the sides, it has a tendency to puff out and make me very wide!  (See what I mean!)


Also, the pattern called for more elastic in the waistband than I ended up using…when I first tried it on (before sewing the elastic down–so glad I thought to try it on first!) it barely stayed up at my hips and was impossible to wear at the waist. So I lopped a good 6 inches of elastic off and it sits quite nicely at either my hips or my waist now.

OK, so overall, I think I do love it, but it might be relegated to being a weekend skirt thanks to all the uber puffiness (OK, that, and it ended up being about 3 inches shorter than I meant it to be thanks to some guesswork when I was buying fabric…turns out I should measure, THEN buy yardage–who’d have guesed!).

I also bought fabric enough to make a second of these skirts, but I think I’ll hunt around for a different pattern (maybe try my hand at an A-line?) instead, so stay tuned!


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