sewing fiend!

So I’ve been sewing like a crazy person this weekend. Friday night I took a class (at Sewtropolis, over in Minneapolis) to make a knit top, cotton bottom tank dress:


It turned out uber cute…you can’t tell from the photo, but the orange dots on the bottom are actually tiny orange bicycles! I’m apparently slower than molasses when it comes to sewing though, since I didn’t finish by the time the class wrapped up (and we went like 2 hours over!) and had to finish at home on Saturday (which took me another 2-1/2 hours!). I’m much more inclined to read the instructions thru, double check, and THEN sew though, since I’m still kind of new to it all and don’t want to mess up with my pretty fabric! I’m sure that’ll go away over time (like the fear of dropping my iPhone, which now gets regularly tossed in the bottom of my purse with nary a thought to its possible demise).

I didn’t take any pictures while I was making the dress, but it’s super comfy, so I’ll definitely be making another one, so I’ll take pics on that one, because there are some spiff techniques I picked up in the class and I don’t want to forget how to do them! (like how to attach neck/arm bands to knit fabric so you don’t have a gaping neckline, and how to gather a skirt). One adjustment I’m making for sure is making the next size smaller for the top…after wearing the dress for a couple hours on Saturday night, the armholes were really gaping, which kind of annoyed me. But I think that’ll be easily fixed next time. One other thing I picked up at the class was the idea to trace the pattern onto tissue paper instead of cutting into the pattern itself (one of the other folks had thought to do this for the class)…that way if you have to change sizes (like I’m going to try on the top!) you don’t have to piece the cut-up pieces back together and try to reconstruct the different size pattern piece. Genius!

So tonight I’m heading up to the fabled SR Harris outlet after work to see if I can snag some less expensive fabric (that I won’t be so worried about messing up!) to make my second attempt at the dress. The one I made in the class is pretty fun, but I’m not sure it’d fly at work, so I might try something a little more tame/less bright. We’ll see!


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