Vested Interests

This project has been a couple weeks in the making (it took FOREVER to make, not sure why…it wasn’t really difficult!)  I’ve always like the look of a tailored vest with jeans, or with a skirt and boots, etc. But I’ve never been able to find a vest that fit the way I like! So I found a pattern and made one! I ended up blending two different sizes (smaller on top, and the next bigger size from the waist down to accommodate the hips), which worked out really well. And I just love the fabric…it’s a little hard to see in the photos below, but it’s green herringbone with silver pin stripes!

The whole process was a bit nerve-wracking though, probably because this vest was full of firsts! It was my first pattern-adjustment garment, first lined garment, first pattern that required hand-stitching, and first pattern-matching attempt with fabric (I got the stripes perfectly lined up on one shoulder, and completely off on the other–oops!…next time instead of cutting the fabric folded, I think I’ll cut twice so it matches better!). I seriously love the lining, though!

Everything worked out pretty smoothly, except the button hole (which was also a first!)…I don’t have a button hole setting on my sewing machine, so I googled it and found tales of folks using the zigzag stitch instead with great success…so I did that, but the end has come unsewn after a brief wearing.


So I need to figure out how to do the zigzag at the end so it doesn’t do that! I thought it was pretty secure, but obviously needs a bit of reinforcement.

So I guess this project is almost done! But I’m so happy with the results that I picked up more of the fabric and plan to make some wide-leg trousers to go with the vest!


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