Hey there kids and kittens! Put your hand in the air if you’ve had a week that promised to be oh-so productive but turned into a steaming pile of nothing! Oh, that was just me, then? Well alright. I confess. I barely accomplished anything this week (and it’s all Harry Potter’s fault…I spent every evening wrapped up in HP & the Deathly Hallows, but that’s not the shameful part, oh no…see, I’m listening to it on tape (well, iPhone…same thing) and should be able to multi task, right? Wrong!)

So the most productive/creative thing I’ve accomplished all week was wrapping a wedding gift.


I do so love wrapping things up in pretty papers (especially when I can get the corners to match up…type A, you ask? Moi?).


And how cute are the lollipops?! Love them!


That’s all I’ve got for now. Must head off to the aforementioned nuptials. And I must admit, I’m rather ecstatic about my outfit…a boring Land’s End wrap dress all snazzed up with my belt from that dress I made not too long ago, and my comfy Frye sandals. You want a picture? OK (pay no mind to the fez…it was floating around the wedding reception!)!



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