Sorbetto Tank

If that doesn’t sound like a militant ice cream flavor, I don’t know what does!!  But actually, this is a tank top pattern with a charming little box pleat down the front that I found (though a convoluted click-o-rama involving many many fashion and sewing blogs) on Colette Patterns’ blog…and it’s a free pattern download, to boot!

(photo via

So I downloaded it as fast as I could and printed it off.  It’s sized to an 18, but after looking at their size guide and  tracing and cutting out my pattern, I decided it seemed a little small (and it’s not a stretch fabric, so not a lot of wiggle room if I misjudge), so I debated whether I ought to make it as shown, or if I should resort to the googles and figure out how to grade it up.  Since I don’t have a huge fabric stash, I decided to make a muslin out of some cheap cotton I found at JoAnn’s, then tweak as needed, and then make the final in my super cute fabric (it’s green with little orange flowers…how adorable is that going to be!?!?!).  Two tanks for the price of one (sort of), and I get to learn to make darts!!  Darts!

So that was last Monday, and here it is, Monday again and I’ve made, let’s see…ummmm, zero progress.  Oops!  Teach me to have a full time job and spend the weekend canning my overflowing CSA box instead of sewing!

Tonight we’re off to the King Tut exhibit at the science museum (mummies!!!), so hopefully when we get home I can at least get the musliny bits cut out.


2 thoughts on “Sorbetto Tank

  1. Love what you did. It’s always thrilling when you can pull something together and be economical in the process, espcially in this day. Good job!

    • Thanks! I’m pretty new to sewing, and it’s super fun to find I can actually make things myself that don’t look slapped together (but boy is it a bit of work sometimes!)

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