Paper Hats!

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (remember that Sorbetto top? Yeah, that’s tabled) to bring you a pair of kidpants.  We’re heading to MO for Labor day weekend to hang out with an old college roommate and her kiddo (and hubby), so I decided to make a pair of pants for the kidlet.  I found some adorable fabric that has directions for making paper hats, and an orange remnant to use for trim:

I used the flat-front kidpants tutorial over at Made, which was wicked easy!  I did shorten them a bit (since the tutorial is for a 3-year old’s pants, and the kidlet in question is just over a year).  I also cheated a bit and use d the Gymboree size chart to adjust the waist (yay for actual measurements in inches and not poundage…who measures kiddos in pounds for clothing?!  EVERYONE apparently…which is absolutely unhelpful for those of us trying to sew kid clothes long-distance…admittedly though, we may be in the minority there…)

They went together really fast.  First I sewed the crotch together on the front and then the back, and then I sewed the front and back together at the inseams.  Next up I sewed the legs up the outside seams and turned my waistband down far enough to accommodate the elastic (just in the back).  That took some ironing magic, since all the front wanted to do was pucker!  I threaded the elastic through, sewed the sides down, and then sewed the waistband down in the front (it puckers a tiny bit, but no tucks, thankfully!).  The only thing that gave me much trouble was remembering which side was up since the unhemmed top and the legs were pretty much the same length!

Putting the orange cuffs on was definitely the hardest part, since it wasn’t in the tutorial.  I folded my long orange strips in half and then turned the edges under and sewed them down on the inside of the leg, then folded them over the bottom of the leg and sewed (a nice straight seam!) around on the right side.  Sounds easy, but figuring out which side to sew first and how to keep from sewing the legs shut at the same time was tough!

All in all, I think they turned out really well!  And so cute!  Now let’s just hope they fit!


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