Strings Attached: a knitting project!

I took a beginning knitting class earlier this year (in March maybe? it was a fabulous class by the folks over at Borealis Yarn). I took to it pretty well, knitting long blocks of “practice stitches” to see what would happen if I did this or that. Once I got pretty comfortable with making basic knit and purl stitches, I swung by and nabbed a pattern for a garter stitch lace scarf and got to work. Unfortunately, I seem to be a cold weather knitter, because once it warmed up, I got sidetracked by spring and set my needles down for a few months. I had made some good progress, but the scarf was in no way close to done:


Now that it’s getting chilly at nights again, I’ve had the urge to knit (really it is a fabulous hobby–so portable, relatively cheap, endlessly challenging), so I’ve picked up my needles and gone to town!  I took my project along on our Labor Day trip to Missouri (great way to spend a few free minutes on the plane–sure beats reading, though you do end up looking veeeeeery midwestern, sitting there knitting away at the gate!

I don’t have any plans really for specifically how long the scarf will be, I’ll call it good when I run out of yarn (I’m getting close, no?).  I hope to finish by the end of the week so I can block the thing over the weekend and have a new scarf to wear for next week!!


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