Hmmmm…Long time no post, eh?

So hello unplanned, unavoidable blogging hiatus!  While unplanned and unavoidable, I have to admit this hiatus wasn’t entirely unforeseeable…I work in publishing, and the first 2 quarters of the year are nutso.  Every year.  So don’t expect much till July.  Oh boy, that sounds kind of boring, doesn’t it!  Well, I promise to attempt regular updates in the meantime, but it may or may not last, and you, dear reader(s?  is anybody left?!) should be warned!

Today’s fun project:  polka dot biking knickers.  Take that! Swrve.  (Seriously, I have been drooling over their women’s knickers for like half a decade, only to have them stop making them completely…so, I decided to take matters into my own hands).  I found some white and turquoise polka dot fabric (poplin with a little stretch) and set to work.  (Yes, that is quite the fabric…but it was on sale, and since this attempt was a first on several fronts, sale fabric wins).

I started with a pattern from Simplicity, and since I was between sizes by their measurements, I traced out a smaller size for the front of the pants, and the next size up for the rear.  Worked swimmingly.  It took me a bit to figure out the mental gymnastics of assembling pants (they really are harder than they look, I swear!), but luckily, I was sewing at a friend’s place, and she had valuable advice that worked out!

Once I had them mostly assembled I ran into two small hitches.  First, I discovered that the pattern called for “twill tape” as a drawstring (which was not in the brochure!).  I have to admit, I still have no idea what this is exactly, but I’m hoping to swing by the fabric store on my way home tonight and find out!.

Second, I discovered that they were really flappy pantlegs.  Not ideal for biking.  Also they were way long for “knickes”, but that I knew how to remedy.  The flappiness annoyed me because first, the envelope drawing didn’t look like wide-leg capris, and second, um, well, I don’t know how to tailor things, and this may or may not be the first pair of pants I’ve ever made.  A bit daunting, those two things.  I ended up just putting them on and pinning the inseam along my legs to get the general shape, then took them off and drew a straight line from just below the knee to the bottom of the pants.  I’m about 90% happy with it.  It worked, and they turned out even and will work fine, but there’s some odd boxiness at the knees when I’m standing up that kind of bugs me.  But!  I wanted to make sure there was enough room to flex the knees while pedaling, and there is that, so they will work great.  (Forgive the crappy iphone photo…no laptop means I’m blogging from my phone…joy!)

I’m kind of excited to wear them out (and I already have ideas for the next version, which will likely have some minor tweaks like hip pockets, better tailoring around the knees/calves, a knit/elastic waistband, and a higher rise in the back…this pair is a bit low rise in that department).  But not bad for my first attempt!  And seriously, they are super fun and like nothing else in my wardrobe at all!



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