May Foodie Penpals!

A few months ago I heard about the foodie penpals scheme and promptly signed up for the wonderful idea! Basically, Lindsay of the Lean Green Bean compiles a huge list of bloggers and readers every month (seriously huge folks, like 800 people!), matches everyone up with a partner, and then partners exchange care packages full of local goodies! It’s a pretty awesome undertaking.

My penpal for May was Kim from the Kentucky/Cincinatti area, who sent me some awesome swag:


Hmmm…what could it be?!  (I love getting packages in the mail…oh, the mystery! the suspense!!)


Kim sent me some locally made pop corn (and I do love popcorn!), some BBQ sauce and a recipe for baked beans  that is on my menu for Memorial Day Weekend, a biscuit mix that is totally going camping with me (biscuits cooked over a campfire? Yes please!), and a really nummy smelling apple cinnamon muffin mix that I can’t wait to try out!

This was my first foray into foodie penpals, and it rocked.  Of course there’s the fun of getting a mystery box in the mail, but it was also really fun to find stuff to send to my penpal (local chocolate and coffee for the win!).


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