June Foodie Penpals!

This month’s foodie penpals shipment arrived on my doorstep while I was out of town, so it was a few days before I got to tear into the box (oh, the suspense!).  It was definitely worth the wait, though!  April of beyond the small gate was kind enough to send me all manner of snacks!  Unfortunately, I don’t have photos for you since my camera is hiding, but here’s the rundown:

  • That’s It bars (sooooo nummy, I will be tracking more of these down!)
  • Assorted fruit leathers (love these! Unfortunately, so does John, so I only got to try a nibble or two!)
  • Red rooibos iced tea (these were in giant quart size tea bags, which was genius!! And very tasty!)
  • Dark chocolate raspberry trail mix (awesome for a quick snack)
  • Green Tea Latte candies (a bit like Werthers Originals, but green tea flavored! I think these are hands down my favorite!!)

It was a pretty awesome haul, to be sure! If you want to get in on next month’s exchange, head over to the Lean Green Bean and sign up!!


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