Is it just me, or is the wild wooly world of interfacing completely baffling?

I get the difference between the main types of interfacing (fusible and sew-in) and I understand that it comes in both woven and knit (though I have yet to see the elusive knit interfacing beastie in the wild).  And I would think that would result in a fairly simple rubric of possible interfacing choices (a la Mendel’s peas…pardon me while I revisit 7th grade science class):

It should be easy-peasy (ha!  yes, I went there) right!?  But every time I go to the fabric store because I have once again run out of interfacing (by the way, where does it all go?  I can’t believe I use it up that quickly!!), there are a million billion kajillion interfacing options!  And everyone has their own preferred “favorite” interfacing that they swear up and down will be perfect for your project.  Admittedly, most of my projects requiring interfacing are waistbands and necklines, so my needs are pretty basic.  But.  It seem like my interfacing is always fighting me; either it’s too stiff and I end up with a bullet-proof waistband, or it’s too droopy.  Or it doesn’t stay fused to the fabric for more than 45 seconds.  Or it doesn’t stay where I pin it when I sew it on and makes my pattern piece a wonky shape that is nicely reinforced, but no longer fits the garment.  (OK, this last one is likely very likely user error, but still…)

And the worst bit?  I can never ever ever remember which interfacing did what because they all look alike!

Clearly I need to start documenting what kind of interfacing I’m using and what the project is and what the result was (and don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a bit of cataloging on occasion).  But surely it can’t be that complicated?!


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