August Foodie Penpals!!

It’s that time again!  Another foodie penpal box revealed!  This time Katie of 2 Peas In a Blog sent me a box of goodies. (If you’re not familiar with Foodie Penpals, head over to The Lean Green Bean for all the details…you won’t be sorry!)

This month’s box had a fun assortment of spices and baking stuff…here’s the rundown:

  • tomato paste in a tube!!!!!  I’ve seen this and never tried it, but I’m so excited to give it a go!
  • mexican drinking chocolate…I’m squirreling this away for cooler weather; it’ll be perfect this fall!
  • a grinder full of sugar, coffee beans, and chocolate!
  • some very yummy-smelling lemon seasoning
  • and silicone baking cups!!!  I’m super excited to use these!

Lots of new stuff to try!  I’m scheming a batch of cupcakes with coffee/sugar/chocolate sprinkles on their little frosted tops, and some killer turkey meatballs (with the tomato paste and lemon seasoning) for starters!


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