Ooh bonus post!  Just because Halloween is so awesome!

Every year since we’ve lived in MN, we’ve hosted the BYOP: Bring Your Own Pumpkin Party. Thanks to our small entertaining space and the prevalence of pointy objects, it is by necessity an intimate gathering (the best sort!); you might even call it an exclusive event! We invite a few close friends to bring a pumpkin over, eat some tasty foods with us, drink some tasty beers, and wreak havoc on pumpkindom for the sake of art.  Or something like that. A good time is had by all (well, except maybe the pumpkins in question!).

We quite enjoy putting the festivities on, and there are always amazing pumpkins carved. My all time favorite is probably the “flash-o-lantern” (a tall pumpkin with a mischievous grin, an articulated paper at trench coat, and a strategically place gourd), but there have been way too many all-stars to count.

Here’s a glimpse at this year’s crop (the Hitchcock pumpkin was mine):


I think the BYOP gets awesomer (hey, if “jeggings” can be a word, so can awesomer) every year; I really look forward to it.  I can’t wait for the 8th Annual BYOP next year!!

What is your favorite fall tradition?


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