Oh, Black Friday

Every year, Black Friday (the shopping day, not the stock market crash day, though the two do share a certain panicky nostalgia in the American consciousness, I guess) makes me incredibly cranky.  Who decided that it was truth, justice, and the American way to turn the day after, nay, the week surrounding, Thanksgiving into some hallowed consumerist free-for-all?  I dunno, but you, sir (or madam…whoever you are), deserve a swift kick in the shin.

I will not be shopping on Friday, anywhere.  I refuse to participate in the charade.  I won’t be part of the crowd that expects those who work retail, food service, and other supporting roles, etc. to work insanely early and long hours in dangerous conditions (just you try getting between a consumer and her deal), for little pay and less thanks.  I find it hypocritical and inconsiderate, to say the least.

I also will never be partaking in “Why Wait Wednesday”, “Small Business Saturday” (sponsored by a huge business who makes BANK on every swipe of their cards…isn’t that rich!?  I’ll support small businesses everyday, in cash, thankyouverymuch), or “Cyber Monday”.  I’m surprised no-one has coined “Spend More Sunday” yet.  Sheesh, people.  You couldn’t pay me to shop between now and mid-January.  I will buy the essentials, continue to support the local businesses that provide services I need, and you know, not act insane.

I understand not everyone agrees with me, and that’s fine (I’d love to say I will not judge those who disagree, but this is a very dear issue to me, so, yes, I will judge, despite my best efforts…I’m not perfect).  In any case, I will vote with my dollars by not spending any.  I’ll do something productive this weekend.  Make someone smile, burn a little creative energy, hang out with friends and family.

What’s your take on Black Friday? 


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