Winter Wonderland!

Apparently my “holiday spirit” is entirely controlled by the weather.

Last year, we had no snow, no cold, no holiday spirit.  A friend of mine actually put up my holiday tree for me (and then it took me three months to get it taken down again…oops!).  I promise I’m not lazy (well, I am, but that wasn’t the reason).  It’s just…well…how can you celebrate winter solstice and new years with last year’s dead brown grass still poking up everywhere?

But this year…ah, I am just about to catch the bus home from work for the day, and all day I’ve been dreaming about putting up my tree, hauling out the sparkly garlands and popcorn and thread, whipping up hot cocoa and Tom & Jerry batter, and generally bedecking every hall I encounter.  And why, you might ask?  What spurred this on?  Well, this:


Yesterday it snowed all day.  Like 14 inches of accumulation, dig the car out twice, tromp around in the charming wonder of it all: SNOWED.  I was supposed to be knitting (I have one last holiday gift that isn’t quite done and really should be shipped any day now), but I couldn’t resist, I had to go out and play in the snow.  It was grand.  And today I’m totally on the holiday spirit bandwagon!  How can you not be, surrounded by all this?!






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