If a bear blogs in the forest…

Or, more accurately, if a blogger stops writing her blog but barely has any readers, does the hiatus count?  Meh, I say.  I was doing stuff, you were doing stuff, too, I bet.  In any case, it’s been ages since I posted anything.  Not because I haven’t been doing anything, but because my blog was starting to feel like a chore (one of those self-imposed chores that doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of your day…like making the bed.  Sure, do it if you like, but you’re not changing the course of history or anything!). And I feel like the (admittedly self-imposed) pressure to post on a somewhat regular schedule had turned my blog into a discordant unfocused barrel of fish.  And birds.  And bossy paperclips (it’s a thing, folks).  Things that do not necessarily belong together.  Or at least it felt that way to me.  I also found myself doing how-to post after how-to post.  Because it’s an easy format, no?  But man, did it feel know-it-all-y (at least from my side).  And unless you’re trying to fix a bike or make cherry dill pickles, there are probably more knowledgeable folks out there.  Find them, report back.  We’ll all learn something, I’m sure! But I do want to keep track of my sewing and knitting and pickling and woodcarving and who knows what else crafty adventures.  It’s nice to have a searchable diary, you know?  So here I am again!

* * * * *

Speaking of crafty adventures, I have a couple things underway at the moment.  And that’s what you’re peeping in the windows to see, right?!  Right!  First up is a Cthulhu Baby Cardigan.  Because what better to stitch into the back of a cardigan for a newborn than a creepy tentacled monster?  I knew you’d understand!

A spiffy side-button front…rather unassuming from this angle! 

And here’s the insides…sooooo many floats!

And the star!

A little unusual, sure…but my dear friends are into most things nerdy, so I’m hoping it’ll be a hit.  And if not, the kiddo will quite likely outgrow it soon enough anyhow!  I’m using some Cascade superwash, and while it’s no Malabrigo (does anyone else have the insane desire to use Malabrigo for every single project ever?!), it’s super soft and is looking pretty good!  At this point, it just needs buttons (going on an excursion to find matching green buttons this weekend–wish me luck!) and blocking.  Good thing, too, since it’s intended recipient is due to arrive in a few weeks!

That’s all I’ve got for now, kids.  I’m working on perfecting a summer maxi skirt (knit fabrics with different levles of stretch are making my life…twitchy…at the moment), so I’ll be back with thoughts on that I’m sure.  And just to prove that I’m not a complete bear for leaving my blog in the corner so long, I leave you with a photo of Herbie The Cat cuddling with aforementioned knitting.


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