Vintage Vibes!

Why hello there!  I’m back at it again, and today I have a quick vintage make to share!  My sister-in-law asked me to remake an apron of her grandmother’s, which sounded easy peasy until I realized that I really didn’t want to even think about taking it apart to make pattern pieces–upon close inspection, I wasn’t sure there was enough fabric remaining to actually put it back together again!

I stewed about it for a few months, and finally had an epiphany–crayons!  (Bear with me!)  Crayons and freezer paper, to be exact.  I pulled out my (very dusty) crayons and, making sure the fabric didn’t get pulled off grain or out of shape, rubbed off all the seams onto freezer paper with a crayon–it worked beautifully!  It’s the first time I’ve tried to make a pattern from an existing garment, and it actually worked!  I was only a little surprised!

Once I had a pattern for the front and back, assembly was pretty straight forward.  I made two patch pockets (with ric rac trim!…my first encounter with sewing ric rac wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be…ric rac is awesome!).  I also sewed a few lines of ric rack around the skirt bottom.

The back had a center seam, so that went together next, then the shoulder seams.  Once the shoulders were attached, the neckline bias binding went in (oh, bias tape…it’s a 4-letter word for a reason!)  I used a pretty woven gingham to make the bias binding, and it took ages!

Then came the miles and miles and miles and miles of binding around the perimeter.  So. Much. Bias. Tape.  Once the edges were bound, I attached the waist seam and the ties (which were simply cut along the selvedge on one edge, then hemmed narrowly on the other).

Viola!  A brand new sparkly apron!  I’m really happy with the way it came out…very close to the original, and with some fun details!

So, let’s talk fabric.  I used an adorable cream print of a little girl fishing among rosebushes and baby deer (so sweet!) for the main part of the apron, and then coordinating green & cream gingham for the bias tape, and green & cream ric rac, as well.

Anyhow…how adorable is that back bow!?  I think the whole thing stayed pretty close to the original (though I’ll admit I made the patch pockets a little larger since you could barely fit a hand in the original ones!).

I really love the fabric, and I have about 1/2 a yard left, so I’ll find a use for the scraps for sure.  I am also a little bit in awe over the awesome stock at my local sewing shop…I was fully expecting to have to order the ric rac and gingham online, but I popped into my local shop and not only did they have both in stock, they had tons more options, too.  Some future projects definitely percolating now!