Vintage Vibes Redux!

A little bit ago I copied a vintage apron for my sis-in-law.  And that one turned out so well, I made another!  But this time I jazzed it up a little more (and by “jazzed it up”, I mean used pom pom trim and enormous ric rac.  It is awesome!).

I’ve had this giant ric rac (and just a single yard, at that) for ages…it came in a grab bag of trim remnants I found at a garage sale a while back, and I’ve been saving it for just the right project.  Well, when I found this fabric (Anna Marie Horner, if I recall the selvedges correctly), I knew it was a match made in heaven  because not only did it match my ridiculous ric rac, it also matched my 16″ piece of turquoise pom pom trim (yes, from the same garage sale bag of wonders).  You guys–this was FATE!  I neeeeeeded to happen!

I won’t bore you with another construction run down–this one is the exact same except that I remembered to sandwitch the ties and back waist seam between the bias tape and the main fabric, so all my edges are enclosed this time (it’s the little things, amIright?!).

Here’s the front view:

And the rear view (oh, that giant ric rac…it slays me).

And a delicious detail shot–gotta love that trim!  I had juuuuust enough to do a row of pom poms on each pocket!


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