Summer House Projects 2015 — Part I – The Garden

Now that summer’s coming to a close, I feel like a few posts to update what we did over the season are in order!  John and I have been referring to this summer as SoMPaH 2015 (Summer of Major Projects around the House), mostly because we had a few projects, and some were real doozies, so we figured we at least deserve a funky acronym!

Project #1 – Enlarge Garden Space

We kicked off the summer with a garden enlargement project.  (But of course!  In the 2+ years we’ve owned our house, the garden has been embiggened every single year).  We went from a 10′ x 12′ plot to one that’s 12′ x 15′. I think we ended up at a good size for all our growing space–enough that we could grow prettymuch everything we wanted to try without crowding, and I’d have had a hard time coming up with more stuff to grow if we had the room.

Make it bigger!!!!

I also conscripted John to build me a permanent fence for the garden (once and for all capping the size since he informed me he would not be building me more than one fence).  I thought it sounded like a fair deal!  We made panels, so if we need to replace anything, we can do just the section in need, and we backed them with chickenwire to keep the rabbits at bay.  Nothing short of a hired goon can keep the squirrels out, but so far our fence has proven itself fairly rabbit-proof!

Staining about to commence!

The finished fence!  There’s a latching gate that you can’t really see in the north side (long side to the right in the photo)

Done & done…well, almost.  When we paint the house, we’ll also paint the posts to match the trim.

I also ripped all the “decorative” rock out of the rock bed along the house (4′ x 12′ bed) to make way for sunflowers and squash.  Whoever thought that a rock bed was a good idea really should be kneecapped, at the very least.

Rock free! Look at all the glorious black dirt that was hiding under those rocks!!! For shame, former homeowners. For. Shame.

And here’s some of the rocks we pulled out:

About 1/3 of the rocks.

Sadly we have another rock bed all along the south side of our house that is equal parts rock and weeds, so I’ll get the joy of ripping that out someday, too.  For now it’s covered wth black plastic in the hope that the weeds will bake and die down a little!

Those were the major garden projects this year.  I did a fair amount of seed starting, too, but that wasn’t so much work as it was planning.  I have a seed starting post in the works for later this year, so stay tuned if that sounds interesting!


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